About Maddy Hughes

Hi! I am Maddy Hughes. Before booking a session with me, I feel as if it is important for you to get to know a little bit about me! I'm a very vibrant, happy girl! I have grown up around photography my whole life, and have discovered how much I truly love being a part of capturing memories. I am a HUGE family girl! My family members are some of my biggest supporters and a big reason why I have established Maddy Hughes Photography as a business! I want your photo session experience to be personalized and oriented around what makes you, unique as an individual. One of my favorite things about looking at life through a lens is the beauty of the unknown. You never know when you're going to be making memories, and pictures are just a snapshot when it comes to showing how beautiful life truly is! I have created my business out of not only a passion for photography but a passion for working with people. I love the connections and relationships that form from capturing clients. All of my business is conducted for the purpose of creating a simple, efficient, and affordable session for you and your family. I take great pride in editing my work with integrity to capture the REAL you, and your beauty. I am proud to say that I live in the Kansas City area and I am 100% in love in with this wonderful city! I am looking forward to meeting you, working with you, and capturing the real you in our awesome city! Happy Booking!